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Selvi & Cie SA offers its clients a highly personalised service in all main areas of financial management and custody :

Discretionary management

The assets are fully managed by Selvi & Cie SA through the mandate given by its clients. Selvi & Cie SA acts in a disccretionary and personalised way, according to the individual needs and objectives set forth by its clients

Investment advisory

The asset management decisions are made by the client who can rely on the full range of advisory and analytical resources of Selvi & Cie SA, adapted for its needs and demands.

Securities trading and administration

Selvi & Cie SA intervenes as a broker, nominee and custodian on behalf of its clients and is able to intervene easily on worldwide markets : from shares dealt on recognised stock exchanges to Funds subscriptions/redemptions or debentures trading over the counter.

Forex and money markets

Selvi & Cie SA offers currency dealing at extremely competitive rates, spot or forward.  It handles term deposits (fiduciary deposits) at the best available rates with the highest quality counterparts.

Trust and estate planning and administration

Thanks to old and trustworthy partners, Selvi & Cie SA is capable of incorporating and administering companies in several jurisdictions according to the specific needs of its clients, commercial or private.

Through its subsidiary Selvi Trustee Ltd, Selvi & Cie SA can provide advice, structure and act as "Trustee" for its clients' estate planning requirements.